Shh…This Show’s a Secret!

Every year, there is a super secret show in Austin where only the most awesome and silly musicians play. The location is kept secret until the last possible moment.

This year, AFP will be playing the super secret show as part of the Sound Bridge Project. It starts at 9 PM…and the not-so-secret location is (drum roll please)… Lou Neff Point in the hike-and-bike trail at Zilker Park! Here is a map to help all of you get there.


And what music will everyone be playing, pray tell?? We are so glad you asked! Here’s the nitty gritty:

A classical secret show with many amazing instruments…

Austin Flute Project
Kristine Reaume
Josh Moody
The Sound Bridge Project Ensemble

Concerto for a Ghost and Lou’s Flute Quartet
Both brand new pieces by our own Jeff Luna
Sally’s Song by Danny Elfman
Honami by Wil Offermans
Mai by Ryo Noda
Claude Debussy’s Syrinx arranged for four flutes by Bryan Kennard (in honor of the piece’s 100th birthday Nov. 2013)

Check out the Secret Show’s Facebook Page for more info. We hope to see you there!


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